Virtual City

Virtual City 2

Build the city of your dreams


  • Create a city however you want
  • Lots of challenges to deal with


  • Takes a long time to get going
  • Not as good as Sim City


Virtual City 2 is a Sim City style game where the aim is to build the city of your dreams.

In Virtual City 2, you can construct houses, industrial parks, make goods, deliver them to shopping malls, and even setup a mass transit system to transport people to your parks, movie theaters and stadiums. You can add pretty much anything a modern city needs including a recycling center, hospitals, fire stations and even the finder details such as trees and plants.

In Virtual City 2, you must be keep your citizens happy such as through the hosting of town events, trading with neighboring cities and building a marina and a train depot. Finally, you must deal with economic downturns, population crises and the consequences of natural disasters. You can get really creative in Virtual City 2 although there's no avoiding that it's a rather pale imitation of Sim City.

Virtual City 2 is still a decent Sim City style game that will unleash your creative juices in trying to build the perfect city.

Virtual City


Virtual City 2

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